Freedom Stage Replaced by Chateau Stage at Tomorrowland Winter

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Freedom Stage

Today, the Tomorrowland Winter timetable was revealed and it looks like the legendary Freedom stage is no longer listed.

During the stage hosts announcement earlier in September 2019, the Freedom stage was part of the list, making a comeback after a traumatic summer experience. Since then, the stage was again announced for the Tomorrowland Belgium 2020 edition.

But today, things changed and we can no longer see the beautiful indoor stage in the Tomorrowland Winter timetable. However, a new stage appeared out of the blue with the name “Chateau” which means Castle in French. Is the Freedom stage getting a fresh new look or will it stay in the warmth of a summer version? What can we expect from this new Chateau stage?

What We Know

The grand opening of the “Chateau” will be on Tuesday March 17th and is called “The Welcome”. The stage will be put into service starting the fourth day of Tomorrowland Winter. It is worth noting that for the rest of the festival, the Chateau will open its doors starting at 9:30 pm. The new stage will also be the latest one to close at 2 am. Taking into consideration the timing and name of the stage, we can assume that it will be an indoor square stage. We might even push further and guess it may resemble the Melodia Castle looking stage from Tomorrowland 2015.

Two Surprise Acts

“The Welcome” will have a surprise show starting at 7 pm and lasting until 2 am. In addition, the stage will be hosting another surprise act. This one will be the very last show of Tomorrowland Winter on Friday, from 1:30 am to 2 am. What are your guesses on who will be performing for these two slots?

You probably feel disappointed like us to see the Magical Freedom Stage gone. But who knows, maybe the Chateau will give us even more goosebumps and new amazing moments.

To Wrap It Up

On the other hand, the Freedom Stage is still getting its share of the madness at Tomorrowland Belgium. Many acts will be taking place there, and we can’t wait to witness them. And who knows, maybe The Chateau will get to enjoy some Belgian warmth if it gets used again this summer like L’Orangerie and the Lotus stages.

If you wanna be one of the first partygoers to see the Chateau, you can still get your Tomorrowland Winter package here.