Spotify Launches Songwriter Pages and Playlist Feature

While reaching 124 million premium subscribers worldwide, Spotify has had a great start to the year. Now, they have some more exciting news to share. However, this time is with songwriters in mind. Yesterday, Spotify announced the debut of a beta version of songwriter pages. This new initiative will helps fans, collaborators, and industry partners dive deeper into some of the creators behind the biggest songs of today.

Spotify spoke about this exciting new feature on their blog:

“Since we began publicly displaying song credits on Spotify in 2018, we’ve seen a 60% increase in how often labels and distributors credit songwriters on their new releases — allowing artists and fans to dig deeper and recognize your work. With the launch of songwriter pages we’re continuing to evolve how your music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed by the world.”

Notably, a 60% increase in songwriter credits from labels/distributors in 2018 is huge. Furthermore, it is about time Spotify is able to provide credit to these well deserving musicians. This new initiative will definitely help song writers get discovered more easily. It will also help in showcasing their work on a massive scale.

With this in mind, to celebrate the new feature, Spotify will be launching a new “Written By” playlist. This playlist will be part of your discover playlists and feature all your favorite songwriters. Start giving the songwriters behind some of your favorite songs the credit they deserve!

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