Carl Cox is teaming up with Paul Oakenfold to promote Human Traffic Live. This immersive rave theatrical experience opens May 22nd, 2020 at Printworks London. It’s an interesting concept that gathers music, theatre and a high dose of fun. After the 18 live shows, you will be able to enjoy some solid tunes. Multi-genre parties will follow the shows throughout the series.

The Core of the Show

Human Traffic Live brings the cult film Human Traffic into reality. It’s a live show provided by the best talents in immersive experiences and digital art media, followed by some top-notch afterparties.

When the live show ends, the crowd will then meet powerful headliners. Carl Cox and Paul Oakenfold form an unbelievable duo that we’ve loved in the past. They will take part in some of these shows alongside many world-class DJs.

The whole experience will be characterized by a 90s British culture vibes. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy an additional themed pop-up experience where you can find food & drink included within the ticket price.

A separate, award-winning environment to meet, breath & indulge will be available for the assistants of Human Traffic as well. In addition, you can also check an exhibition of the 90s British culture and discover exactly why that era is still relevant and much loved.‍

A sensory overload from start to finish, expect actors, break dancers, aerialists, trampolinists, wall-walkers and more, interacting with jaw-dropping projections of the most loved scenes and representations of the era, including the key characters Moff, Jip, Koop, Nina, Lulu, Howard & Pablo Hassan.


This is definitely a curious and innovative event that will bring people back to the 90s feel of London. Get more details on the event here.