[WATCH] Carl Cox b2b Fatboy Slim at Saatchi Gallery

Universe™ made quite an incredible b2b pairing possible in collaboration with Saatchi Gallery London. This fantastic set by two veterans of house music, Carl Cox and Fatboy Slim, was a powerful experience to say the least.

The exhibition, titled SWEET HARMONY: RAVE | TODAY, was a fully immersive experience in an artistic environment. The Saatchi Gallery hosted this show with the goal of ‘presenting a revolutionary survey of rave culture through the voices and lenses of those who experienced it’. Fatboy Slim and Carl Cox are distinguished members of the rave culture and their set was brilliant.

This wonderful event gathered house music lovers and mixed multiple art disciplines. Acid house scene and the ascendancy of rave culture amongst the youth of today were the subjects of this show. Saatchi Gallery’s Director Philly Adams alongside co-curator Kobi Prempeh assembled a comprehensive panel of visionaries. All of them made significant contributions to the execution of the exhibition.

In conclusion, this marvelous set contributes to the trend that Cercle started. They aim to bring music to emblematic places. Certainly it is a wonderful idea as you can experience several types of art in a single event. You can watch the set below and find the tracklist in this link.