Joris Voorn Talks About His Indispensable DJ Gear

Joris Voorn is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands. He grew up in a family with a passion for music. In his childhood, he learned to play violin and guitar before becoming one of the most influential DJ’s that creates the most innovative techno sounds.

Joris Voorn is a veteran of the industry and is about to release a new album. \\ (AKA Four) has a marked release date for Friday, November 15th. The Dutch artist spent time with and talked about many important aspects of his career.

When talking about DJ gear, Joris Voorn stated that regarding hardware, MC-303 had a crucial importance in his musical career. He started learning about music and decided to get into producing dance music with the help of MC-303, the groovebox. He learned how MIDI worked and acquired a lot of experience.

Joris Voorn added that a couple of years after working with the groovebox, he moved to Rotterdam and met someone who had all the Roland gear. He started into the synths world with the Juno-106.

“You can get immediate results if you know what you’re after, whereas some synths just give me a bit of a headache. I still use the Juno to this day, although I find that the TAL plugin versions are very close to the original.”

Talking about his music

When asked about the mood and communication of his music, the Dutch producer explained:

“When I make music, I try to make it from the heart. I still draw inspiration from mid-’90s electronic music. To this day, I still believe it was the most amazing time for dance and electronic music. So much was discovered at that time, from the heyday of Aphex Twin to Detroit and UK techno, and it was all very melodic and lush-sounding, which left a big impression on me.”

Joris Voorn swapped to Ableton Live in 2005. This software helped him deconstruct the music and reconstruct it again. Then he started to use it for live gigs and sessions in the studio.

In the next part of the interview, Joris Voorn talks about his studio in Amsterdam and his production techniques. Although it is quite a technical interview, music lovers and producers will learn a lot from this artist.

Joris Voorn Talks About His Essential Hardware

In the last part of this amazing interview by, he analyzes new DJ hardware and how it involves his music production. ‘The problem is there’s always a new instrument or plugin that presents something you didn’t know you needed. The great thing about electronic music is that machines are designed by people who think outside of the box.’

In conclusion, Joris Voorn states that he could throw away 90% of what he has and still make the music he does today. It is not as challenging as adapting to new gear but he always keeps the essence that the artist has developed with the time.