Joris Voorn – Dark

With a vibrant sound and a foggy feeling, Joris Voorn crafted a magical experience with the release of ‘Dark‘. If the track seems to sound familiar and resonates with you, it’s because you might have heard it before. Voorn would play this as an unreleased track a few years back, but now it’s been revived with a new body. Pertaining to this, Joris noted;

“Dark is a rework of an unreleased track I used to play a couple years
back. This track had something nice but wasn’t quite there, so I started playing around with some different musical elements. This is where the arpeggio came in, following an emotional chord progression, accompanied by a moody string arrangement which turned the original idea of the track completely upside down. All it took was some extra percussion and a solid baseline foundation to finish the almost 9-minute long musical journey. I’ve played the track on numerous occasions around the world for the last 3 years, where it always gave people a smile on their face.”

‘Dark’ presents itself with an immense warmth which carries through the track. No matter the setting or moment, it feels suitable for any occasion pulling on a percussive and subsiding rhythm. Highlighting the track, the pinching arpeggio harmonizes with pianos, strings and pads for a cozy atmosphere. This striking style of production emanate’s the artist’s unique touch on all of his music.

Joris Voorn’s ‘Dark’ traces his recent Summer releases consisting of ‘Antigone‘ and ‘Ryo‘. With that in mind, you can hear these tracks on many more on his fast approaching North American tour.

Listen to Joris Voorn’s ‘Dark’ below!