Avicii’s ‘Stories’ Turns 4 Years Old

Even though our journey with Avicii has lived on with his posthumous album ‘TIM’ and reportedly more music in the works, ‘Stories’ will always have a special place in our hearts.  And today, we celebrate the 4-year anniversary of this masterpiece.  

'Stories' Album Cover
‘Stories’ Album Cover

As Avicii’s second studio album, ‘Stories’ is an aural representation of the Swedish DJ’s passion for music. His vision in synthesising different influences also comes through as fans experience a new genre in every track.  From country to melodic house, blues to pop-rock, ‘Stories’ integrates one genre seamlessly with another, upholding his status as one of EDM’s greatest talents.  

Revisiting ‘Stories’

Through the album, fans are taken on a musical journey that begins with ‘Waiting for Love,’ one of the album’s four singles.  A track that remains frequently played in festivals, ‘Waiting for Love’ was made in collaboration with Martin Garrix.   Featuring the vocals of Simon Aldred of Cherry Ghost, the song recreates the journey of finding lost hope through love.

“And if there’s love in this life, there’s no obstacle
That can’t be defeated.”

The other singles from the album include ‘For a Better Day’ and ‘Pure Grinding’. Although released simultaneously, the two tracks represented two fairly different styles. While ‘For a Better Day’ fuses church-inspired piano runs with disco vibes, ‘Pure Grinding’ is “a refreshing slice of swing funk whose guitar licks and sax lines fit seamlessly into the producer’s tasteful trap-inspired beats”.  The music videos also marked Avicii’s directorial debut, and served the purpose of continuing the storytelling beyond his songs.  

The last single of the album is ‘Broken Arrows,’ an upbeat, country-laden track.  In collaboration with Zac Brown, who the DJ had referred to as “one of the best country vocals,” ‘Broken Arrows’ also comes with quite an inspirational music video.  Specifically, it honours 1968 Olympic medalist Dick Fosbury, who had left an admirable legacy in high jump. Little did we expect this to become part of Avicii’s legacy that soon as well.  

“Sometimes you’re shooting
Broken arrows in the dark.
But I, I see the hope in your heart.”

The rest of the album continues to feature various styles. ‘Ten More Days’ bringing a soulful energy to the table, while ‘Talk to Myself” holds more of a boogie-disco feel. Meanwhile, ‘True Believer’ brings back the dance floor with house vibes, while ‘City Lights’ carries a pulsating, dance-pop energy. The album finishes with ‘Gonna Love Ya,’ a gentle, heartwarming tropical house track to mark the end.  

Having created such a legacy with ‘Stories‘, Avicii will always be in our hearts and be part of our musical journey when we create our own stories