If you follow r/Avicii or are a big fan of Tim you would probably have found out there has been a music leak. To be exact, seven tracks ranging from 2013-2016 have been leaked in full studio quality. Moreover, a snippet of another Avicii and Chris Martin collaboration has leaked as of yesterday but there is no substantial information regarding that leak.

The seven tracks came to light just as “Heaven” and “Change A Thang” did, through a leaked music marketplace. Unlike the music from the album ‘TIM’, the seven tracks supposedly come from the prime time years of Avicii. Six of the seven are fully done by him, while one (and probably the most known) is finished by Kygo.

‘Forever Yours’ originally by Sandro Cavazza (singer in ‘Without You‘) and co-produced by Avicii has been finished by Kygo. By the same token, it is rumored that while Kygo and Sandro worked on their single ‘Happy Now‘, the Norwegian artist got to finish what Tim started. In addition, it is believed it will be played at Tim’s tribute concert and will be more of a tribute by Kygo & Sandro than an Avicii release.

Out of respect for Tim and his family, we will not share the leak nor the music. We do not support this as the money generated from the leaked sale does not go to Tim’s foundation rather than a random person making a profit off a dead person. If you are internet-savvy you may come across the leaked files.

The Seven Studio-Quality Tracks Leaked

Avicii – Crocodile Tears (Feat. Vargas & Lagola)
Avicii – Give Up The Ghost (Feat.
Elle King)
Avicii – No Pleasing A Woman (Tim’s Vocals)
Avicii – Promises Of Tears (Tim’s Vocals)
Syn Cole – Bright Lights (Avicii Remix) [Played Out At Shows]
Syn Cole – Bright Lights (Avicii Remix 2) [Never Played Out]
Kygo & Sandro Cavazza – Forever Yours (Avicii Tribute)

These are the tracks that were leaked in full, studio-quality. However, it is believed that more music will be leaked. Additionally, as of yesterday, a twenty-second snippet of Chris Martin singing on what sounds like a very Avicii-esque production was uploaded titled “Lethal Drug“.

Possible Upcoming Avicii Leaks [The Speculation]

Here is a list of already leaked snippets (not full tracks) of possible upcoming Avicii music:

Note: Some names are not 100%.

Avicii – Ease The Pressure ft. Wrabel
Avicii – I Wanna Be Free ft. Aloe Blacc
Avicii – Second Away [Singer Not Known]
Avicii – Strangers [Singer Not Known]
Avicii – Then It Will Be Over [Singer Not Known]
Avicii – Lethal Drug ft. Chris Martin
Avicii – Gimme Dat ft. Mike Posner
Avicii – Silence ft. Mike Posner
Avicii – I Want You ft. Aloe Blacc
Avicii – Too Much Fun ft. Pelle
Avicii – Free ft. Wayne Hector
Avicii – Alive ft. Wyclef Jean
Avicii – Now That We Found Love ft. Wyclef Jean
Avicii – Put Your Hands All The Way Up
Avicii – When U Took Our Love Away ft. Wyclef Jean

We can not guarantee any of these songs will come to light as an official release. However, the possibility of another official release is not closed. Moreover, it is believed some of the tracks listed above (and the ones leaked) did not make the cut for Avicii’s albums ‘True‘ and ‘Stories‘. If you listen to some of his old podcasts and read his Quora, you can see some of these songs/collaborations mentioned. Additionally, several of the tracks were shown in Avicii’s long studio streams.

Undoubtedly, as Avicii fans ourselves, we hope we see some of these singles have an official release. We also wish the leaking stopped since not a dime of the profits benefits Tim’s foundation. If you wish to support Avicii and his foundation make sure you buy the records officially or contribute directly here.