Tinlicker – This Is Not Our Universe Album

Tinlicker, aka Jordi van Achthoven and Micha Heyboer welcome their new LP, ‘This Is Not Our Universe’. Featuring 13 tracks, it is a healthy blend of deep house, progressive and trance. It even boasts a stellar lineup of vocalists.

What’s Inside

Bird Feeder‘ starts off the album strong with a trance vibe. The synths and bass line feel heavy and driving. Soon, melodic synths join and make the song even more compelling. Dance vibes are hard with this one; we can definitely see this being played live.

Breezeblocks‘ is the duo’s remix of alt-J’s hit while ‘Lost’ feat. Run Rivers is their most recent single. ‘Need You‘ is a fantastic Anjunadeep sounding track featuring Thomas Oliver. It delivers beauty, satisfaction, and peace. Within ‘The Walk‘ and ‘Neko‘ you can hear traces of Pryda and Timo Maas in their instrumentals. Their progressive house mood, as also seen in ‘When The Light Fades‘ tickle our curiosities even further.

The Whale” is an arpeggiated anthem holding more classic trance tempos. ‘Vanishing‘ comes in with deep house bass and ambience. That deep melody unyielding in the background–with lights down low, this track plus Rivers’ voice kills.

Cause I‘ is a medium track with ambient melody. Therefore, no words, no set tempo, just mood. Secondly, ‘Fractal‘ sounds just like its name. It contains synths reminiscent of Lane 8 and every bit as deep as Anjuna delivers.

Lullaby‘ features Helsloot is a progressive deep house track and ‘Close Your Eyes‘ is a progressive trance track featuring Belle Doron. Above all, both bring enlightenment to the LP and showcase the duo’s diversity in sound.

Now’s Your Chance To See This Live

“This is actually our first album together. Our characters are quite different. This album is the result of those two different characters and the tension that arises in the search for the balance between us. It is, as it were, a collection of ingredients with which we show that we are happy with the differences between them. The album also represents diversity. Many tracks on the album have the same character but are still different from each other. A nice reflection of how we are as people.”

Taking on 19 cities, join the ‘This Is Not Our Universe’ world tour. It sold out shows in London and Sydney. Check out the full dates here and be sure to listen to their first album together below.

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