Wolfgang Gartner Is Back With A Heartfelt Message

A month ago, Wolfgang Gartner checked himself into rehab for substance abuse. Finding a balance between a busy music producer and life is hard to come by. We’ve seen it in past DJs that have surfaced with mental health issues. It is difficult to struggle with, and even more difficult to open up about.

Thankfully, he is back and took to Instagram with this heartfelt message:

“Friends, fans & fam – A little over a month ago I checked myself into rehab for substance abuse. My life had become unmanageable and I had tried to quit on my own many times with no long-term success. I’m now back home in California [30 days clean & sober]. A lot has changed in my outlook on life & game plan…but one thing remains the same: producing music and DJ’ing is still the only thing I feel compelled to do more than anything else on earth”

He goes on to detail how he thought he needed drugs for inspiration. After detoxifying himself, his creativity is better than ever. He also offers a warm, embracing sentiment on those suffering from the same vice.

“Additionally, if you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, want to say that life has a way of presenting new opportunities and possibilities when you get sober that you may not have even fathomed before, and while it’s not an easy process it is extremely rewarding. I hope my personal experience can help somebody else out there who is struggling make that decision to get help and begin on the road to recovery”

The full message can be read on his post via IG below.
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Thanks everyone ❤️

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He has new music coming our way and thanks us for being supportive in his journey back. It warms our hearts knowing that he was able to pull through such a vulnerable state. We appreciate you Wolfgang, and we’re so glad you’re back!