deadmau5 – fn pig (ov) (Spencer Brown Remix)

Fn pig Spencer Brown Remix

deadmau5 – fn pig (ov) (Spencer Brown Remix)

Welcome more Spencer Brown music on Mau5trap with the release of his remix for deadmau5‘ ‘fn pig (ov)‘. This remix is the first granted off the upcoming Here’s the Drop deadmau5 album. From the title, you’ll know it plays on the orchestral ‘Where’s the Drop‘ with remixes from a variety of artists. Upon release, Spencer Brown took to Facebook exclaiming about the significance of this release for him.

Spanning 9 minutes and a half, Spencer took the time to allow each segment its own breath. For the most part, the remix retains an orchestral element even when the focus reverts on the percussive side. On the breakdown, you get to hear the chords and melody which we’re familiar with already. Building forwards, the remix belts into a punchy punchy rhythm which shapes up as the melodies take over. From that point, the track goes back into an orchestral breakdown which finally drives into the rhythmic outro.

To catch Spencer Brown on his tour, you can where he’s playing in the link here. On the other hand, as ‘Here’s the Drop’ releases, deadmau5 will be touring his cubev3 and you can find the schedule here.

Listen to Spencer Brown’s ‘fn pig’ remix on Mau5trap below!