Wolfgang Gartner Has Checked Himself Into Rehab

There is no question that a touring DJ does not live an easy lifestyle. Juggling a personal life with the ongoing pressures of the music industry is a constant struggle to find a happy balance.

Over the past few years, more and more artists have come forward to outline the realities of their everyday lives. This is especially the case since Tim Bergling‘s, AKA Avicii, sudden passing.

Recently, Wolfgang Gartner has stepped up to the plate to disclose that he has been battling with his own ongoing struggles, and wishes for his fans to know his current situation.

The American DJ has confirmed that he has been battling with ongoing substance abuse and addiction problems. He has checked himself into an in-patient rehab facility/drug treatment center.

Check out His Full Statement Below:

“dear fans / friends / humans –

I have battled with substance abuse and addiction on and off for my entire life since I was about 14 years old.

There were long periods of sobriety, like the 8 years I stayed sober after going to rehab in 2002, and periods of on-again-off-again sporadic drug and alcohol use and abuse.

The past 6 years have been one of those periods for me – some months I was happy and healthy, and others I was engaging in addictive behaviors and self-sabotage.

Specifically, in the past 6 months, I have fallen deeper into addiction and substance abuse than ever before in my life, and recently hit a point that people tend to call “rock bottom”.

I realized that I could no longer continue to living as I am, and I have decided to check into an in-patient rehab facility / drug treatment center where I will be staying for approximately the next month.

It’s embarrassing for me to admit this will be the 2nd time I’ve gone to rehab, albeit separated by almost 20 years, but I wanted to put this out there so people know why the gigs I had booked for the next month will be canceled and why I’ll be off-the-grid as well…and also partly why I have been mostly off the grid for a while now.

I’m not looking forward to the next month because rehab is generally not a fun place to be, but I’m really looking forward to getting better and getting my life back.

I share all of this with you to let you know that you aren’t alone if you are battling with the same things I am. No matter how dark the times seem there is always a way to make a change. Thank you for continuing to be with me on my journey.”

Wolfgang Gartner’s official statement via Twitter.

We wish Joseph Thomas Youngman, aka Wolfgang Gartner, a speedy recovery, and encourage our readers to seek help if they are struggling.

As Wolfgang Gartner said, ” you aren’t alone”. Although situations like these are some of the most difficult things, someone is always there to guide you.