Apple’s iOS 13 Brings Live Lyrics to Apple Music

For those of us not interested in or unable to empty our wallets for the iPhone 11, IOS 13 offers many great features to take advantage of. Right now, Apple users can update their software to iOS 13 for the full experience. One of the overlooked features in the update we thought was interesting, happens to be related to music. Apple Music now has an included live lyrics feature, perfect for random karaoke parties or learning the words to your favorite songs.

While it’s not the most talked about addition in iOS 13, it’s a feature we think is well overdue. Now, if the song you’re listening to on Apple Music is lyric supported, you’ll be able to activate the live lyrics. Once activated, users can sing or read along as the lyrics populate on their screen.

The populating lyrics are not only visually pleasing but additionally allow users to fast-forward or rewind the song. For example, if you wanted to skip to a specific verse in the song, just scroll to the line and tap on the word to begin. At the moment, this feature is only available on Apple devices. An Apple TV version is also on its way, perfect for group parties. It’s reported that an Android version is in the works as well.

Be sure to upgrade your devices to iOS 13 to take advantage of these new features. Other popular features included in iOS 13 include Dark Mode, Apple Arcade, and an improved photos app. Often, a quick update can make your phone feel like new again. Find out more about iOS 13 on Apple’s website here!