Creamfields Holds Its Own vs. Tomorrowland

If you are into electronic dance music, then you most likely know of these two heavyweights. Tomorrowland Vs. Creamfields – some of the biggest electronic music festivals in Europe, and probably the most praised ones by ravers all around the world. But, if you could only choose one, which one would that be, and why? We have been to both of them this year, and we have the most objective review ready for you. Keep reading to discover which one suits you the most!


Tomorrowland is more into building a music fairytale, where every stage is a chapter in the story. Beautiful details everywhere, creating the most mesmerising stage designs: mermaids, dragons and floating platforms in the lake. The result is a fantasy world, where everything is possible.

Creamfields, on the other hand, prefers a rather ‘industrial’ style. A little more minimalistic if we may. Stages are built up with cargo containers, steel structures and some extremely trippy lasers. Oh, and also, there were 2 giants robots during The Chemical Brothers‘ set. Talk about wild.


Yes, we know Tomorrowland. The venue is definitely something else, with the stunning One World Bridge, the lake and the brand new troll laying next to the main stage. There’s a post office, a Ferris Wheel, water stations and a resting areas everywhere.

Creamfields is absolutely different, but awesome in its own way. For starters, there’s not only a Ferris Wheel, but an entire amusement park! There are lots of attractions like bumper cars, rollercoasters, swing rides and more, it really feels like Disneyland for adults.


There are definitely some mixed opinions here. Although at first sight, we could easily say that during 2019, at least 50% of the artists that were at Tomorrowland, also showed up at Creamfields. But there are some differences that are worth mentioning:

Tomorrowland had the one and only Armin van Buuren, Tale of Us, Boris Brejcha and Charlotte de Witte. So many unique sets that you didn’t know what to see next.

Creamfields had the most expected show of the year, as they brought in Swedish House Mafia, fire rings and pyrotechnics all the way. The show was insane, and for many, it was probably a once in a lifetime experience.

Besides SHM, Creamfields also hosted Deadmau5 and his alter ego Testpilot, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim and ABCD (Adam Beyer x Cirez D). Creamfields certainly had a bit of an edge on the overall headliners.

Food / Drinks / Camping:

Ok, let’s be honest here: Tomorrowland’s food is DE-LI-CIOUS, with several top of the notch restaurants and even a Michelin Star Chef, everything neatly organised and looking spotless. Want to have a good dining experience? Definitely head over to the Brasa Restaurant to have the greatest food right next to the Atmosphere Stage.

But Creamfields has its good food, too. Although there are no restaurants, you can find some really nice treats and even get some good doughnuts and churros where the shows are over. They take cash or credit card, no need to top up a bracelet. Pay as you like and don’t worry about getting refunded.

If you camp, both festivals can offer you several options, ranging from a basic area to set up your tent to bigger and ready teepees with power sockets, wooden floor and other amenities. But you always (and I repeat: always!) have to be ready for the rain. Nothing will ever be worse than having mud coming up on your tent!

To wrap this up, we can say that both festivals have their own perks and downsides, but wherever you go, you will always have a great experience. Choose wisely based on your own preferences and see you soon at the next big gig!