Epic Swedish House Mafia Pyro Allegedly Caused £4M in Damage to Creamfields Screens

Swedish House Mafia closed out Creamfields on a set so complex it took an entire day to construct, shutting down the main stage all day. Massive LED screens and enough pyro to warm the face of a back-row attendee were the highlight. However according to a post on the SHM subreddit, this combination ended up being more costly than expected.

Damage to the screens from heat and fire allegedly cost over four million pounds. Who knew that spewing flames non-stop for a whole set would burn and melt plastic? A user on Reddit commented he saw a burn on the right-hand screen.

Whether the cost for this lands on Creamfields, the pyro technicians, Swedish House Mafia, or the screen providers, a hefty insurance payout is sure to tie things up. Hopefully this doesn’t make the SHM crew dial down the pyrotechnics though, since it has been such an integral part of their performance from Day 1 of the reunion at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

After their show the trio mysteriously teased another date on screen, hopefully the release of one of their new IDs. They have been catching a lot of flak for not having much new music on this tour.

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