Alan Walker Blasted By Festival After He Passed Blame for Cancellation

Every once and awhile, plans don’t go as scheduled during major festivals and events. With event organizers under pressure to have the stage and venue in perfect condition for artists, sometimes issues arise. For example, earlier this summer, Swedish House Mafia canceled their appearance at the Weekend Festival due to ‘production issues’. Just this past weekend, Alan Walker had his own last-minute cancelation in Tijuana, Mexico.

“I’m afraid canceling the performance was the only option”.

Alan Walker was set to headline at the Darkwoods Dream Festival this past Saturday but canceled his set, last minute. In his response posted to Instagram, Alan blamed event organizers for ““significant defects at the venue, and severe production issues beyond our control”. We assume festival attendees would come to terms with this excuse but Darkwoods Festival responded with their own story of the incident.

Darkwoods posted a response to Alan Walker on their Instagram story, denying any production issues or venue defects. More intriguing, they wrote: “We have evidence your private jet flight from Las Vegas to Tijuana was canceled even before your management team arrived to check the requirements.” Additionally, they claim Alan’s management team “left our premises without any further explanation and cut every form of communication.”

If Darkwoods Festival story checks out, Alan and his team have some major explaining to do. Either Darkwoods is covering themselves or Alan Walker has been caught in lie. The rest of the festival went as planned with performances by Ruben De Ronde, Valentino Khan, and Zomboy. From watching parts of the livestream, the venue and production looked to be in great condition.

Take a look at Darkwoods’ full response below.