Monopoly Releases Pacha Ibiza Collaboration

Pacha Ibiza is one of the biggest clubs, with self merit, it has grown into the most dominant clubbing brand in the world.

Pacha as a brand always delivers fun to their customers but this time we are not talking about parties. Hasbro´s new collaboration with Pacha Ibiza is a remix of the classic board game Monopoly with a touch of Pacha Ibiza essence.

pacha ibiza monopoly

Although the full game is yet to be released, we assume that one of the objects will not be David Guetta´s horse or Pacha´s famous cherry. Maybe you could go to jail for actions like this. In the pictures that we have seen, the eight pieces happen to be the same than in the classic edition of this game. This collaboration between these huge companies offers Pacha fans a new dose of fun without having to travel to the Spanish island.

pacha ibiza monopoly

In this collaboration, you can find cards with iconic places of Pacha Ibiza such as the Main Room, the Cherry Pool, Pacha Vip or the Club House Suite. You can find this game in Pacha´s official website and in Amazon too and the price is around 55 EUR. You can check some pictures of the game below, definitely a game-changer for Pacha and board games lovers.