Images Of The Updated Motorola RAZR May Have Leaked

Are the posted photos of the updated Motorola Razr legit, or just renders from a hardcore fan? The images recently surfaced on the Weibo website and have gained commotion over their detailed authenticity. While Motorola has yet to announce any recent news regarding the Razr, the vertical folding design aligns with a patent filed last year. Back in February, Motorola did confirmed a new and improved Razr was in the works.

Contrary to the Galaxy Fold, Motorola opted to have the phone folding vertically. To those who don’t remember, the original Razr phone had the same iconic vertical folding design. With Samsung struggling with the Fold, perhaps Motorola is taking notes for improvement. The remaining images show several charging accessories and adapters. Not to leave out, the box itself looks very high end and resemblant to the device.

The Wall Street Journal previously claimed the updated Razr would cost around $1,500, which is a much better price than the $2,000 Fold. This is assuming that Motorola is still working on the device and plans to release it to the public. Without surprise, Motorola has yet to comment on the images or provide any info on their progress.

Are you a fan of the vertical folding design or the Fold’s design more?