Ultra Music Festival To Be Discussed in City Commission Meeting

In hindsight, Ultra Miami wrapped up on a good note despite a rocky first day, which entailed logistical nightmares left and right. So much so, that it was compared to being the next Fyre Festival. While Ultra really pulled through with some major restructuring for day 2 and 3, they can barely breathe a sigh of relief as they’re now forced to face the city commission once more on April 11th.

Miami Commissioner, Joe Carollo, who originally sparked the debate to end Ultra’s contract at Bayfront Park, will lead the meeting. It’s no secret that Carollo isn’t particularly a fan over this massive music festival. Still, it’s hard not to acknowledge the money and economy it brings to the city. In Ultra’s deal to set camp in Virginia Key, Carollo was able to gung-ho a $2 million fee—over half a million jump from the original rate of $1.4 million. This $2 million only guaranteed the 2019 season, however, and future editions in Miami are still very open to discussion.

Additionally, keeping in mind that many Key Biscayne residents also initially shared their reservations regarding this massive moving into the neighborhood, they will no doubt be called forward again to re-explore their concerns.

What will happen to Ultra Miami? Is Ultra Orlando or Ultra LA an impending thought? All of this may just depend on how this meeting goes—so stayed tuned!