[BREAKING] Ultra Will Move to LA: Rapture Set for March 2020 in Miami

ultra miamiIn a bizarre turn of events, Ultra Miami is finally throwing in the towel and leaving Miami to a new home….. in LA. Last year was highly eventful for the organizers of Ultra from battling with both the Miami administration over Bayfront park to locking heads with Rapture for its 2019 location at Virginia Key.

With more space, bigger stages for Resistance and a more environmentally safe approach Ultra Miami kicked off 3 days ago. However from beginning to end it was an uphill fight with Miami. Then there were the problems with the shuttle service to a fire breaking out.  A spokesman from Ultra said that after reading comments on the Ultra Music Festival (Official) Facebook group, they came to the conclusion that this year the festival had lost its vibe. Keeping all this in mind Ultra has indeed decided that it is time for a full revamp for 2020. The official statement said:

We feel that  LA has the vibe we lost. the legal marijuana in California will contribute to much better vibes and particularly less complaining on Facebook.

This unexpected turn of events is great news for the folks over at Rapture who were left homeless this year. Rapture hadn’t yet secured a contract for Virginia Key when Ultra swooped in and took the venue for 2019. The result? Rapture 2019 was no more. Now with Ultra moving to LA, this is the perfect opportunity for Rapture to return next year back to its historic Virginia Key venue. We’ll keep updating you as the situation develops so watch this space.

Get more details about Ultra moving to LA for 2020 HERE.