Olivia Culpo’s NFL Ex-Boyfriend Tries to Start Beef with Zedd

Normally steering clear of controversy and drama, Zedd seems to have found himself caught in the brunt Olivia Culpo’s NFL ex’s attacks. It was just last week that reports showed Culpo dancing cozily in Zedd’s arms during Ariana Grande’s set at weekend 1 of Coachella. News travels fast and it clearly caught the attention of her most recent ex, Detroit Lions’ wide receiver, Danny Amendola.

Amendola went onto Instagram in a since-deleted post to rant about his ex and her new man, “Not sure what’s in the future but the only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS. And if that’s dancing with scrawny little f*cks, so be it.”

He proceeded to try to set the record straight over the weekend by explaining:

“What I meant to say yesterday was that the media and general public have no idea what goes on behind closed doors…I don’t participate in fake intangibles that consume the public eye. I’m a private, single guy and if everyone’s happy — I’m happy… Fake people have an image to maintain. The real ones just don’t care.”

Culpo and Amendola broke up late last year. Meanwhile, in Zedd fashion, he has continued to avoid public drama and has not given any response to the recent events. Whether it’s the real deal or just a spring fling, you can’t fault the guy for being an innocent bystander caught in this one-sided salt war.