Marshmello Wants To Collaborate With Cardi B This Year

In regard to the music world, 2019 is off to a great start with new tracks from our favorite artists week after week. Marshmello on the other hand, recently gave us a small hint on what we might see later this year. On Twitter, the “Happier” producer wrote, “I need to do a song with Cardi B this year”.

There’s no word on whether Cardi B herself has reacted, let alone noticed the Tweet yet but a collaboration between the two artists would bring a new twist to the scene. It would also be difficult to see Cardi B, a decorated rapper and recent Grammy winner, pass up a chance to work with Marshmello. As we know, Marshmello has hit the Hot 100 seven times with tracks like “Alone”, “Happier”, and “Danger”.

Marshmello has also worked with a variety of artists over the past yearslike Logic, Migos, Khalid, Bastille. While adding Cardi B to that growing list is a goal of his, many dedicated fans are not happy with the idea. What are your thoughts between a collaboration between the two? Could they create a decent song together worth listening to or another track we’ll wish was never created?