TV Noise and Dillon Francis Team Up For Unique Single “EDM O’Clock”

TV Noise & Dillon Francis – EDM O’ Clock

Dillon Francis teamed up with TV Noise for “EDM O’Clock”. Dillon and TV Noise deliver a unique single which is set to become a club and festival anthem. Moreover, Dillon had the following to say about the versatile track:

“So I’ve had this idea for a long time where the drop of a song changes every 4 bars to something new. I told the @tvnoisemusic guys this idea and we ran with it. I was yelling on the mic all day and we ended up making a song that makes fun of people who make fun of dance music and all drops in dance music right now…. that make sense? Anyway this song is fucking fun as hell and I’m positive y’all are gonna love it! “

TV Noise & Dillon Francis manage to make one of the most unique releases in a while in the scene. Showcasing the various types of drops across EDM, and yet making them fit perfectly in one track. Undoubtedly, it’s refreshing to see artists enjoy making unique music that does not fall under the guidelines. Finally, if you haven’t given it a listen yet you can check it out below.