Papa Roach – Last Resort (Kayzo Remix)

Last Resort

Papa Roach – Last Resort (Kayzo Remix)

Just in time for EDC 2018, Kayzo is back, and better than ever. Fresh off of his debut album ‘OVERLOAD‘, Kayzo continues to bring the heat. His newest release reaffirms the precedent set by the remainder of the Kayzo catalog. The Texas native pulls off what many before him have failed to do, and that is bringing Papa Roach to the dance-floor. With an official remix of Papa Roach‘s smash hit ‘Last Resort‘, Kayzo brings us all back to September of 2000, and then reminds us were actually in 2018.

The remix, which was released on Geffen Records starts off in a fashion identical to the original. The track begins with the ever famous line of “Cut my life into pieces…” and is sung by Roach’s Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix. The vocals continue and followed by the bass, which is accompanied by the lead guitar. The guitar melody is straight from the original, and it works beautifully. Afterward, the drums come in and this is where you can really see the Icon Collective alumni’s production skills shine.

Amid the occasional growl and vocal distortion, the real fun starts at approximately 1:02 with the buildup to the drop. Never one to spoil the fun, you can check out the track below, the second drop is just as good as the first, if not better. Spanning a run time of 4:48, ‘Last Resort’ will definitely be on our playlist, as well as within sets all summer long.

Catch Kayzo as he wrecks the Cosmic Meadow at EDC Las Vegas this Saturday from 2:30-3:30, and again as he closes out the meadow as part of The Binches Sunday from 4:15- 5:30, you won’t want to miss this.

Kayzo – Overload | Download