Dotcom Returns to EDC Las Vegas with ‘The Binches’

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Once again, Dotcom is in the news. This time, however, it’s not about the speculation about him possibly (for sure) being Marshmello. Since the EDC Las Vegas lineup dropped, no one can stop talking about the talent on the bill. Year after year, Pasquale Rotella brings together some of the most insane lineups, and let me tell you, this year is no exception.

If you look closely at the EDC lineup, you’ll see a new super-group hiding in the midst of all the names on Sunday. “The Binches” are a four man team consisting of Ookay, Yultron, Kayzo and Dotcom.

This is crazy exciting news, not only because of the talent that each of these DJs brings, but it’s even more exciting because of the return of Dotcom to a massive festival stage. This is definitely one set you do not want to miss.

Hype yourself up for this magnificent return until EDC finally comes by giving “Tempura Roll” a listen: