Rezz Says a Deadmau5 Collab Will Happen

Rezz playing Coachella

Rezz has built up quite a following in the past few years. From “Cult of Rezz” social media groups, to fans getting tattoos of her, and a couple even naming their baby Rezz – she is a true DJ of the people. Taking great pride in her children, the space mom is extremely interactive with her followers, replying consistently, and making sure they are always drinking enough water.

Her fans are also very talkative, and consistently ask her to collab with many producers. In response to this, Rezz tweeted out that she won’t just do it for the hype.

However, when someone came back with the suggestion of deadmau5, she confirmed this would happen.

Deadmau5 has had yet to respond, but we hope this means that something will come from the two later this year. In the mean time, Rezz is headlining so many festivals in the coming months you are sure to catch some unreleased music. She’s even let fans know that no matter how much she loves them, playing music in her sets that will never be released is her favorite.