Deep Therapy in a Warehouse is Making a Triumphant Return & Fans Are Ecstatic!


Ottawa’s very own Deep Therapy has been gaining popularity for their outstanding events that showcase the blissful sounds of cutting edge and deep house music. In addition to the melodic tunes that fill the air, the inviting atmosphere defies the ordinary and truly is your ultimate remedy from the mainstream. “Cheaper than a psychiatrist” has never proven to be more accurate – music heals all!

On May 19, 2018, the groundbreaking local event, hosted by Floorplay, will be making its highly anticipated comeback at the Albert Island Courtyard (Zibi). The 2018 spring edition is expected to be the biggest one yet! Attendees can anticipate seeing even more art displays, visual mapping on the ceiling, therapy, not to mention the impeccable lineup guaranteed to get you grooving all night long.

Although Deep Therapy’s events are always a blast, this edition is truly one of the most special versions of them all. The hardworking team is gearing up to welcome an extremely talented guest therapist, i.e. Rodriguez Jr. Not only will he be dominating the stage, as per usual, but he will also be performing an exclusive live set.

There are several elements that will distinguish his set from the rest. A few examples are that he will be the first guest DJ to perform a live set at Deep Therapy and that the live set itself will be one to remember for years to come!

A traditional DJ, one that most of us have come to know, spends the majority of his time behind the decks mixing existing fully produced tracks from other artists together. Very talented DJs are capable of mixing more than just two tracks together and often make use of many of the new FX and control features included in today’s state of the art equipment to add flair and character to their sets.

When a DJ plays a live set, he’s not just mixing released tracks, but actively making new music on the fly using a combination of software and hardware. Rodriguez Jr. will make use of samples and parts of various tracks (some of which are his own creation) and will be adding live instruments, or samples, over-top of the pieces.

In his live set, the ‘Capitelle‘ musician will use the rhythm and drum machines, a large MIDI keyboard, a MIDI DJ controller, a standard DJ Mixer, a MacBook Pro and even an Ipad. All of these pieces act as instruments and are used to create music on the spot right in front of his audience.

Furthermore, a live set is also typically more challenging and unique than a standard DJ set as it requires additional skills such as using instruments, synthesizing, or software. These are skills that a typical DJ may not have, and can take several years to develop.

Lastly, playing a live set on stage in front of a crowd is more demanding for the artist, both physically and mentally. Rodriguez Jr. is more than just a typical DJ – he’s an exceptionally talented musician and producer who’s pushing the boundaries when it comes to live performances and is capable of putting his impressive talents on display for all to see.

If a live set wasn’t enough to satisfy your hopes for an epic night out, attendees can also expect to see some truly incredible performances from Blake Sutherland as well as resident therapists Ali Harb and Sergio Pari.

If you can’t make it to this exciting event, don’t fret, Deep Therapy will be coming back in full force for the summer ’18 edition this August (to close off the summer), fall ’18 edition in October (Halloween – start brainstorming your costume ideas), as well as a very special event taking place in Montreal in 2019.