New LiveStyle Website Confirms TomorrowWorld Return Commitment

TomorrowWorld has developed a cult-like status since its cancellation in 2016. The festival left the scene with a vague promise to return, but then went completely silent afterwards. As 2017 began and Imagine Festival took over the TomorrowWorld weekend, many feared that TomorrowWorld was never returning. This only compounded when Tomorrowland Brazil was also cancelled for 2017. Now LiveStyle is confirming that it has not given up on its biggest festivals.

Then rumblings grew after Tomorrowland 2017 when Tomorrowland confirmed that relationships between the company and LiveStyle were on the mend. Sources within Tomorrowland were growing more confident that we would see a return of TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil.

Now that SFX is gone and LiveStyle is coming into its own with some serious leadership at the helm, the company has updated its website. With that update, LiveStyle is confirming that efforts continue to bring Tomorrowland back to the US, Brazil, and beyond.

“we continue to work with our partners to bring Tomorrowland to new territories outside europe and to return to the usa and brazil.”

Sure it’s nothing concrete at this point, but it’s a huge improvement over where things stood 6 months ago when we thought it was abandoned forever. TomorrowWorld headed up by Destructo? We would love that!