iPhone X Features Revealed in Leaked iOS Software

The once secretive Apple is far from that now, and unfortunately there is precious little about the iPhone X and iPhone 7S 8/8S that we won’t know by the time they are announced on Tuesday. Now a leaked final build of iOS 11 is revealing even more about the iPhone X. This is the software which will run on the revamped device when it ships. A number of new features were revealed in the code for the software.

3 iPhones

It’s official, we will get the iPhone 8, 8S, and X. The 8 and 8S will be essentially the same as the 7 with a few minor updates.

Face ID

Touch ID is no more, and Face ID is taking over. Yes, the feature Android phones have carried for years may just became the default for iPhone X. It will use images of your face to unlock the phone.

Updated AirPods

The trendy Apple AirPod wireless earbuds are getting an update, which will move the charging indicator light. Not much else is known at this time.


Apple’s latest gimmick will tap into the new face-sending camera to create emojis that map your own face to create “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions”. We imagine this one will be quite popular, especially in the EDM community.


The iPhone X will be unveiled on September 12.