TomorrowWorld 2016 Officially Cancelled, Looking Ahead to 2017

tomorrowworld 2016

Almost exactly a month ago we circulated the difficult news of SFX‘s bankruptcy, and the spotlight was shone on TomorrowWorld. A month ago, doubts were expressed from Tomorrowland spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen about the future of the festival in the US. All outlets were quick to notice that TomorrowWorld was being left out of any announcements or concrete plans. Well, it appears that the other shoe has dropped today as multiple European outlets (cited at the bottom) are reporting this morning that TomorrowWorld will not touch down in Georgia in 2016.  Today, Tomorrowland is stating that the decision has been made to hold off on 2016 and look ahead to 2017 (UPDATED BELOW).

“FOR 2017, WE LOOKED AT ALL THE POSSIBLE SCENARIOS. we can not guarantee With The current situation that we can put on an event at our level and our values.”

This is obviously tough news to take, especially when just yesterday other outlets were announcing TomorrowWorld’s return based on a Google search. TomorrowWorld promotional groups on Facebook disagree with this sentiment and have hinted that announcements will come this month, so perhaps there is some alternative arrangement at work. Tomorrowland was asked for official comment, and we will update you when they respond. We will have to stay tuned and see.


Sources: Het Nieuwsblad, Newsmonkey, HLN, HBVL