The festival hellscape of 2016 seems to be continuing into 2017, and the news for SFX continues to be bleak. If you saw the news last night, TomorrowWorld is almost certainly not returning in 2017. Besides that, we also mentioned the sad speculation that Tomorrowland Brazil was also mysteriously quiet. Now we know for sure that Tomorrowland Brazil is also cancelled for 2017.

According to foreign news outlets, the cancellation news actually came down last week. According to reports Tomorrowland blames the economic conditions in Brazil for the cancellation along with “uncertainty”. Tomorrowland Brazil does intend to return, although that’s what they said about TomorrowWorld last year. Despite this, we have not received any official press release or social media announcement from Tomorrowland regarding the news.

Tomorrowland Belgium is still as strong as ever, expanding to 2 weekend in 2017. ID&T, the company which puts on Tomorrowland, regained its independence from SFX and operates the Belgian edition without any SFX entanglements. Certainly the continued bankruptcy proceedings for SFX weighed on the decision to cancel Tomorrowland Brazil in 2017. That means if you want to experience Tomorrowland in 2017 (and perhaps beyond) you will have to make the European trek. We hope this is not the last of Tomorrowland Brazil.

UPDATE: Official Statement

tomorrowland brazil

Source: El Nacional, Globo