YehMe2 Releases New Album ‘Steal This Mixtape 2’


YehMe2 – Steal This Mixtape 2

Former member of Flosstradamus, Josh Young, has left the duo to pursue another direction in music. He is now known by his new stage name YehMe2. Josh has dropped his recent album called Steal This Mixtape 2 which includes his latest tracks along with a few remixes. The solo artist has diverted to produce trap beats that some fans say reminds them of the old Flosstradamus.

The album features 28 tracks that have clean and hard bass hits. In his remixes, we are all familiar with hit songs such as ‘Both’ by Drake or ‘You Don’t Own Me’ by Grace ft. G-Eazy. Josh has incorporated his own style into these two songs and gives off a chill and catchy vibe. He also includes old classics; hip-hop and R&B songs that he remixed which are well-known today. This release of this album will definitely help build his reputation as a solo artist who is no stranger to the trap world.

Go listen and vibe to his album Steal This Mixtape 2 and let us know what you think!

YehMe2 – Steal This Mixtape 2 |  Free Download


  1. tears
  2. mexico
  3. u dont own me
  4. both rmxxx
  5. mollyworld
  6. lost boy rmxxx
  7. blow ya mind
  8. como la flor
  9. twist
  10. blue moon
  11. chick habit
  12. stay awake rmxxx
  13. gimme gimme
  14. cali wolf
  15. waxxx
  16. summertime
  17. only
  18. keys
  19. xxxtentacion – looking for a star (yehme2 rmxxx)
  20. pull up wit ah stick rmxxx
  21. stinkfist
  22. pass the dutchie
  23. horny pt 2
  24. perc
  25. ily2
  26. street bomb
  27. juke jam
  28. sabali