Shocking news out of the trap world today, as the OG trap gods Flosstradamus have announced that Josh Young will be leaving the duo to focus on his solo project. Josh made the announcement in a video on his personal Instagram account. Back in June, Josh announced that he would be putting time into a solo project called “Me2,” in addition to continuing to tour with Flosstradamus. At the time there was no indication that he ever planned on leaving Floss. What makes this announcement even more surprising is its timing. Flosstradamus just concluded their massive Hi-Def Youth Tour, and it seemed the duo was primed to continue building from that momentum for their cult like fan base ‘HYDNATION.’ Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end, and the Hi-Def Youth Tour can certainly be described as going out on top.


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To Josh: Thank you for your contributions to the electronic music and trap communities as part of Flosstradamus, what you helped build is nothing short of spectacular. We wish you the best of luck on the Me2 project, and cannot wait to hear what’s to come from you in the future.


Curt took to the Flosstradamus Facebook page to reassure fans that Josh’s departure does not mean the end of Flosstradamus: