RL Grime & What So Not Finish Their ‘Tell Me’ Follow-Up

rl grime

What So Not just posted a picture with RL Grime on various social media channels alerting fans about the status of their newest collaboration. “Trying to look as hard as this tune we just finished,” wrote Emoh in the caption–essentially relaying that he and RL have completed their long awaited, but as of yet untitled, follow-up to ‘Tell Me‘, which was released back in 2014.

Earlier this summer, Emoh mentioned in an interview with Pilerats that he had joked around with RL a few days earlier over whether to make a sequel to ‘Tell Me’:

He actually sent me a text, funnily enough, two days ago like “we should finish that other track, Tell Me 2”; like we always say “let’s make Tell Me 2” like that’s our running joke. We really love working together, like we gel well together in the studio and we’ve just never finished another song…

Of course, this collaboration will probably have a slightly different sound than last time, since Flume exited the duo last year. It also comes on the heels of What So Not’s release of his latest EP, Divide & Conquer. As of now, there is no title or release date revealed. But knowing these guys, it will probably drop sooner than we think.