Flume No Longer “Creatively Involved” With What So Not

Yesterday, Flume took to the Facebook page of his widely successful side project with Emoh Instead, What So Not, to make an astonishing announcement: that he will “no longer be creatively involved” with the duo. He informed fans that he and Emoh “haven’t made any music together in quite a while” due to the fact that they “have been moving in different directions creatively”. Despite all this, they will be releasing one final joint project; a soon-to-be-released EP that was completed last year. But once the EP gets finished, he does not plan to creatively participate in anymore of What So Not’s musical projects.

Although this may come as a surprise for many fans, Emoh has been standing in as What So Not’s sole touring performer for over a year, which Flume acknowledged in his post, giving Emoh a “hats off”  for doing “an amazing job playing to crowds around the world.” He followed up by saying, “I know he’ll continue to slay it, as far as the live shows go nothing has changed, go see him play.” Along with announcing his departure from the duo, Flume made sure to include some extra love to Emoh in his Facebook post. He wrote, “I want to thank Emoh for the time, effort and friendship that he always put into What So Not. While I will no longer be creatively involved I wish him the best of luck moving forward as he takes the reigns and steers the project into the future.” It’s evident that Flume hopes for nothing but success for his long time Aussie compadre as he continues What So Not in the future.

While Harley’s Facebook post was met mostly with words of encouragement and understanding from the duo’s Facebook fans, his messages were met with some negative backlash by some WSN and Flume diehards alike. But all outsider opinions aside, Flume made a sensible creative decision and executed it with a clean and graceful break. It’s evident from the post that there is no bad blood between the two. We hope that this break will allow Emoh to continue to carry What So Not properly and for Flume and Emoh alike to enjoy exploring their creative freedoms. One thing’s for sure, Flume, Emoh Instead and What So Not fans alike will all be anxiously awaiting for the duo’s last EP release.

Read Flume’s full Facebook post below.