Is PACHA Preparing To Enter Brooklyn?

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After PACHA NYC‘s owner won the bid on the now-padlocked Verboten nightclub, the rumors began to fly about the arrival of the Ibiza-Megabrand to Kings County (Brooklyn, for everyone who doesn’t live in the 5 boroughs). Now, with his partner Andrew Inomata’s recent posting on Instagram, everyone who has been praying for the arrival of the Main Room Cherries may have gotten their wish.

A bartender and warm up DJ from the previous iteration of Pacha, who wished to remain nameless, confirmed that this was sent out with the urgings to apply/re-apply as a previous Pacha staff member. That sounds like a pretty clear indication whatever is going to show up across the East River in Brooklyn isn’t going to be a bowling alley (Sorry Brooklyn Bowl). Will it be an identical remake? Probably not, given Brooklyn’s aggressive dislike for hardcore EDM, but we may see some type of evolution of the Pacha brand, attempting to satisfy both the Big Room and Underground sensibilities of the location.

There’s already been some noise in the scene complaining that Williamsburg will be inundated with the retail crowd that PACHA NYC drew. However, this is only one opinion in the city, with many others cheering the arrival of a replacement after the last couple of months with Verboten remaining pad-locked and empty. You might even see me at one of the open calls. This is going to be huge folks. Once we know what’s going on, you’ll be the first to hear it.