deadmau5 Is Leaving Social Media Because Of “General F*cking Idiots”

deadmau5 once again finds himself all over the blogs and social media, and according to him, it’s all our fault. Yesterday, Zimmerman lashed out on Twitter claiming that he was considering killing off deadmau5 and disappearing completely, within a larger rant about his brand and money. Following his rant, Joel deleted all of his tweets from the last four months and made his account private, giving indications that the was not messing around this time. Today, he took to Facebook to continue the rant:

fuck “social media”. the only thing it’s useful for is promoting, advertising, and more advertising. As far as being a human being on social media, forget about it. you’re just another number we can all add into our little follower count, that ultimately adds up to NOTHING i require to make music. So, ill just leave this shit for management to pump out advertisements and promotions just like the rest of the sheep. ive got some fences to jump.

The above post has since been deleted. In addition to the Facebook post, earlier in the day, Joel took to Reddit to say this to his fans:

shut down twitter. sick of these fucking blogs, “artists” and general fucking idiots of the world having access to shit they have nothing to do with. ill remain active on here and on

Sure, this seems pretty severe and worrisome for fans that believe he will actually kill off the deadmau5 persona, but it should be noted that this is not the first time he has done this. In 2013, he deleted his Twitter, and in 2014 he deleted his Soundcloud, both which he eventually brought back. While it might be the first time he has threatened to kill deadmau5, he is well known to go to extremes like this on social media just to continue on, business and trolling as usual. In addition, Zimmerman has already begun to book headline appearances for deadmau5 in 2016, including Firefly Music Festival. For now, we really don’t know what to think about deadmau5’s most recent rant, which could end up being just that, a rant. Let’s just hope he gets back to what matters: the music.

UPDATE: Just like that, Deadmau5 has been deleted completely from Twitter and Facebook. He is still active on Twitch, however.