deadmau5 Says He Doesn’t Want To Be ‘deadmau5’ Anymore

deadmau5 is going at it on Twitter again, but this time, he’s attacking himself. Yes, you read that right: Joel Zimmerman is firing shots at Joel Zimmerman. The Grammy-nominated producer took to the social media platform to let his fans know that he’s considering killing the ‘deadmau5’ persona.

This wouldn’t be the first time an artist underwent a rebranding process, but the mau5 insists that this potential move would be more than that. He went as far as saying that he’s considering “disappearing altogether”.

Laidback Luke responded by saying that he would “love to see you finally getting on that Aphex Twin style you told me about once.” deadmau5 actually answered Luke’s prayers by uploading this eerie track to SoundCloud.

Is this just another typical rant or is Joel actually considering leaving deadmau5 behind and starting fresh? Only time will tell.