Deadmau5 Says Farewell to Twitter, Releases New Tracks in Form of ‘7 Deadly Sins’


“Cave Cave Deus Videt”  Beware, Beware, God Sees.

Deadmau5 just left twitter.  But just as he taketh away, so he giveth in return and he has just posted 7 new tracks in a playlist appropriately named ‘7’.  But these aren’t just any tracks, each one corresponds with one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  The tracks sound just as haunting as the idea behind them and the whole 19 minutes of the stream is filled with an eerily beautiful melody that continues to build from one ‘sin’ to the next.  The whole stream is based around a simple keyboard melody that repeats but continues to vary again and again until it morphs into an entirely different track altogether.  The overall effect is nothing short of euphonious.


Acedia -Sloth
Avaritia -Greed
Gula -Gluttony
Invidia -Envy
Ira -Wrath
Luxuria -Lust
Superbia -Pride

With ‘7’, Deadmau5 continues to push the boundaries of creativity in EDM, and just as ever with him, other artists will find themselves wishing that they had thought of this first.  The resonant piano melodies of the Seven Deadly Sins make the listener feel like the music has something to prove, or maybe something to show:  perhaps it’s a window into what comes next for Deadmau5 and indeed, for EDM and music in general.

But why would Progressive Electro House’s outspoken superstar abandon one of his favorite virtual hangouts, Twitter?  Mr. Zimmerman himself hasn’t offered an explanation but perhaps ‘7’ speaks for him.  There is new material, probably even more than just ‘7’ on the horizon, and just as he said on his Facebook this last week, a new tour is on the horizon and based upon his words about it, it will be like nothing EDM has ever seen.  Perhaps Deadmau5 is leaving Twitter in an effort to concentrate on developing his new material.

It has long been a calling card for Deadmau5 to associate tracks or albums with stories or concepts or pieces of literature.  ‘The Veldt’, his single from ‘Album Title Goes Here’ for example, is closely tied to Ray Bradbury’s haunting and famous short story about a brother and sister who ultimately end up killing their parents.  In a similar vein, ‘7’ attaches itself to the concept of the 7 Deadly Sins.  Perhaps this is a taste of how Deadmau5 will weave storytelling into his new live set, which he says may come by fall 2014 and promises to be truly groundbreaking.