LennarDigital Calls Out Carnage For Using Pirated Sylenth1 During Razer Music Tutorial

Gaming tech and accessory brand Razer recently unveiled a brand new platform geared towards music producers called Razer Music. It launched with an impressive list of brand ambassadors like deadmau5, Dyro, Feed Me and Carnage. Each artist was appointed by the brand to host their own video tutorials on producing, kicking off with Carnage’s now infamously cringe-worthy 808s tutorial. Among the made-for-meme pro tips given by the producer in his tutorial video were gems like “I don’t know what it does it just makes everything super louder…” and “It just makes it sound very, very, way more stronger.” Throughout the video Carnage proved many, mostly negative, things about his musicianship, like his inept ability to articulate his producing techniques (aided by subtitles that helped to decipher said “pro” tips), and the use of a cracked version of LennarDigital’s popular soft synth, Sylenth1, licensed to “DONTKNOWWHO” on his laptop.

Although Carnage’s Razer Music tutorial video boasted a laundry list of features that a world-renowned producer should not possess, a cracked version of production software is definitely at the top of the list; a red-flag that many viewers caught wind of immediately. After the video went viral among the electronic music community for its laughably confusing content, many disgruntled music lovers reveled in the opportunity to call Carnage out on the offense. One of these call-outs ensued via Twitter, which led to LennarDigital getting involved first hand. In a short and sweet series of tweets, the audio software company alluded to the possibility of taking action against the producer for using an illegal version of the software. No measures have been taken by the company since their tweet as of yet, but Carnage now reluctantly joins the league of electronic music giants like Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix who have been accused of using pirated software.

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