Deadmau5 Calls Out Garrix on Twitter For Pirated Music Software

Deadmau5 has created quite the reputation for himself as the king of social media drama. He has a notorious habit for calling out numerous celebrities and producers alike, mostly through Twitter, and this time he’s pointing the finger at sweet, little Martin Garrix for using pirated music production software.

Deadmau5 slowly commenced his Twitter trolling by first asking how much Martin Garrix is paid for a show:

This lead in question soon revealed the heart of the issue: 

After this tweet, Deadmau5 posted a “Martin Garrix in the Studio Fail” video demonstrating that Garrix uses pirated software. If you fast forward to the 2:47 part of the video, the text “Licensed to Team Air” is seen just above the synth keys in the window that pops up. For those who don’t know, “Team Air” is a fairly popular group that hacks music production software.

If Garrix is in fact experiencing trouble making enough money to legally purchase music production software, Deadmau5, being the stand up guy that he is, was nice enough to come to the aid with some discounted software deals online.

And for all those who didn’t believe Deadmau5’s claims, he went to the trouble of providing evidence…