Odesza Hints at Tantalizing Porter Robinson Collab via Snapchat

Is Odesza working some remix magic on Porter Robinson‘s hit full length, ‘Worlds‘? A recent snapchat from the Seattle chillwave duo indicates that this is definitely the case. Or, at the very least, a collaboration of some sort is in the works. You can check out the picture below in which the cover art for Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ has been slightly altered to incorporate Odesza’s icosahedron logo.

As Robinson transitions away from the aggressive sounds that put him on the map with ‘Spitfire,’ and into something more textural and atmospheric, it seems that the two could be a match made in heaven. And, being that Robinson and Odesza will likely be sharing the same stage at multiple festivals this year, they should have plenty of face time to put together something amazing. Stay tuned.

Take a look at the pic and decide for yourself:

Odesza Porter Robinson