The Chainsmokers Enlist Rory Kramer for ‘Roses’ Music Video

Last month, The Chainsmokers wowed with the release of their song ‘Roses‘ featuring vocals by ROZES. Over the course of their recent tour travels, the duo enlisted self proclaimed “professional life liver” and videographer Rory Kramer to document their experience and compile it all into one epic music video.

The video starts on a plane, where Rory has to walk back to coach while Drew and Alex enjoy the luxuries of business class. To give himself a little pick me up for not being upgraded, he turns on ‘Roses’ to turn his frown upside down. The video covers the extensive amount of flying DJs have to endure while touring, but the amount of exotic locations and experiences shown in the video that come with traveling the world playing music clearly makes the flying worth it. Kramer also gives an inside look into what the guys do to unwind while relaxing in the hotel, like jumping off walls and spraying Alex with the shower head while he is on the toilet. These guys clearly love their jobs and love to have fun, and it’s always awesome when a music video gives fans on the other side a glimpse into their favorite artists’ personal lives. Make sure you check out the rather funny video of ‘Roses’ below.