View Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ Tour Through A Fan’s Perspective

We are still raving over Porter Robinson’s “Worlds” tour. For those who were lucky enough to attend the exquisite live performance, you know exactly how stunningly magnificent every aspect of the show was. His visual setup and music selection were of superior quality. Porter was flawless as always, however “Worlds” varied drastically from the harder hitting sets he is recognized for. That being said, he found the perfect medium to splice both smooth and heavy tracks. The show was simply beautiful to see even second hand. If you are amongst those like myself who did not attend one of the shows, or find the fragments of your memory slowly evading you, the opportunity to see “Worlds” through the eyes of many has arose.

An infinite number of videos were captured by fans throughout the course of the tour. Porter has a reputation for interacting phenomenally with his fans, taking a great amount of time to meet with them after shows and now, those videos captured by adoring attendees have become a collected work paying tribute to the tour. Thanks to Youtube user HuntroxicMusic, an hour and a half video of collaborative footage taken at the shows many stops has surfaced. Live edits from “Worlds” were made and implemented into this video. A big thank you goes out to HuntroxicMusic for creating this masterpiece.