Skrillex Handpicks 10 Future Headliners You Have to Check Out


We had to wait a little longer for this one, but there’s a new ‘Skrillex Selects uploaded on SoundCloud. Sonny takes his cue with ‘Better Hide, Better Run,’ the new track from The Glitch Mob; and it just gets more diverse from there. Besides featuring a few of his label-mates (re. Getter, Aryay, Moody Good, MUST DIE!), Grimes’ protégé HANA makes the list. The odd one out, but definitely a highlight, has to be Moody Good’s ‘This Is The Investigation’; it’s mesmerizing, like the perfect Bioshock equivalent, fitting right in with Skrillex’s experiment with alternative electronic music. ‘Investigation‘ is part of the last 2 tracks which are only instrumental. It comes right after a plethora of intense hip-hop tracks.

Once again the latest Select series tells us what music Skrillex is really listening to and where his head’s at, taking you inside future remix possibilities. This series has even inspired us to go ‘Off the Beaten Path‘ and discover artists as well. Let’s get Selects going weekly again! Listen to the 10 tracks below!