Holy Ship! Is Spying On Attendees Via Facebook And Banning Them If They Post About Drugs

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This might be the craziest story of the year. If you don’t know what #SHIPFAM is, you’re missing out. Holy Ship!, the annual bacchanal on a boat by HARD, has reached truly epic proportions. The thing sells out in record time, and it’s become a tradition where people from all over the world meet every year, on the boat. However, for some of the less responsible members of #SHIPFAM, today brought some very, very bad news.

According to Jemayel Khawaja, Managing Editor at THUMP, some of those who had made reservations and also made comments about drugs in public and private groups associated with Holy Ship!, found this message in their inbox on Friday:

We were very disappointed to see your recent comments in a Holy Ship! group page on Facebook – your posts have been documented and brought to our attention…This will serve as a wake up call to you and others who think this type of behavior is acceptable…Perhaps this has prevented something with harsher penalties from happening. The fact that you were not caught or arrested for your actions will hopefully soften the let-down of not being allowed to ship with us in 2016.

Not only does it slap them on the wrist, but goes on to explain that their reservations were cancelled and they are blacklisted from ALL FUTURE EVENTS. This has to be a first in the mega-festival universe. I’ve never heard of a festival bypassing security and the police and straight up having their holding company (Beats at Sea, LLC) ban kids. Not only ban heads with paying tickets, but ban them from all future events. We’re still waiting on more details at this time, but it looks like pools of people got the notice and some hadn’t even posted about drugs or drug taking on public Facebook groups.