DJ Snake & Skrillex Team Up For Colossal 100 BPM Production


This year’s Holy Ship saw massive back-to-back sets from Skrillex, Tchami, DJ Snake and Mercer, which resulted in the showcasing of loads of unreleased material from each artist. One of the most noteworthy track previews of the night was DJ Snake‘s new unreleased collaboration with Skrillex. Fortunately, an audio rip was able to capture the forthcoming moombah-inspired track with decent sound quality.

Their upcoming 100bpm track has a mellow, yet vibey introduction, but once the drum beat kicks in, it travels upward and into a drop filled with Skrillex’s signature influences and an unexpected twerk beat. The track’s surprising style and successful take on moombahton is a welcomed outcome from such an exciting production duo. DJ Snake and Skrillex were tour mates on the ‘Mothership Tour‘ and it’s clear that they developed some chemistry over the two months. There isn’t any information about the track’s official release yet, but we can only hope that it drops some time in the near future.