Four Tet Announces That His New Album Is Complete

Four Tet, the multi-genred artist with accredited collaborations with the likes of Aphex Twin, Burial, Radiohead, Battles, and The xx, is finished with a brand new album. The follow up to Four Tet’s last album, Beautiful Rewind is expected to debut later this year, as the eclectic artist announced concisely on Twitter that the “new album is done.” This new project for Four Tet is said to have been in the works since last summer, and including an album release (2011-2014) under another producing alias, Percussions, Kieran Hebden is clearly keeping himself busy. Not to mention the fact that Hebden also appeared on Jon Hopkins’ BBC radio show last week in order to lay down a few tracks (a peak at his upcoming, unreleased work perhaps), it seems as if the man responsible for Four Tet and Percussions has some serious material to unveil to the world.
Peep Four Tet’s soundcloud page to keep an eye out for the new album and more collaborative releases.