Watch the Insane “Mothership Tour” Aftermovie feat. Skrillex, Dillon Francis and More

Have you ever wondered what superstar (and super cool) DJs do on their downtime whilst traveling the world? If you guessed “they shout out ‘NOOOOO!!’ to no one in particular”, then you’re right! Jas Davis, a young photo and videographer that has toured with Zeds Dead and Skrillex, put together one hell of a recap video for us, complete with graphics and emojis galore.

Starting in late May, Skrillex and his band of alien guest DJs, took North America by storm on his Mothership TourDillon Francis, DJ Snake, What So Not and Milo and Otis are portrayed the way they actually seem in real life: the kind of guys you want to hang out with. You can sense the bromance in this glorious seven minute video and it’s down right obvious that playing music with your buddies is the way to go. Davis, a good friend of the artists, which is obvious because these men are so candid, is able to show viewers the true side to themselves, even though Dillon Francis hardly keeps himself on mute when he isn’t on stage. The added graphics give the clips life and the OWLSA and Mad Decent stars work very well together to deliver quality entertainment, and even better meet and greets. All in all, the Mothership Tour had numerous sold-out stops and everyone involved looked like they had the time of their lives. Make sure to catch Skrillex as he continues touring throughout the rest of the year!

Photo and video by Jas Davis Media