Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa’s Follow Up to Blue Rawls, “Meet the Butcher” is a Techno Steamer

With every new Seth Troxler song comes with it a little of his wild personality. Pumping out another tune that is apart of the EP Rogue Music, done with New York techno producer Phil Moffa, “Meet the Butcha” digs even deeper into the realms of techno for the follow up to “Blue Rawls“. Right out of the gate, tech swells and an intricate topline rift are placed a top an excellent choice of kick drum, grabbing the listeners attention to start off this 7.5 minutes techno monster. The low end in this track is so subtle and suggestive, that not dancing would almost seem harder in this situation. With Seth’s always outspoken opinions and outlandish behavior in and out of the DJ booth has undoubtedly garnered him some time in the spotlight but don’t let that fool into thinking his tracks are any less extrodinary. This will be the first release on the ever popular Hypercolour for 2015; setting the stage nicely for another stellar year of high quality productions.